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Hey there! I've decided to do a special low price offer for a batch of commissions. Quite simply, I'll be doing single, full body pictures of characters, painted digitally in greyscale, each for $20. This is likely the cheapest I'll ever do them for, so if you'd like me to draw you something now's the chance! There are ten slots open. I'll take payments and start work upon ten slots being filled.

For examples of the style-……

They can be any character, and if anyone'd like more than one slot that's cool. One slot per character. If you'd like a commission, just send me a note telling me which character, providing reference (Must be visual reference included), and I'll add you to the list. Once I have ten to draw, I'll ask for the payment via paypal, and I'll get to work. I'll send you a picture of your character individually and also post them all as a batch later. I can't promise they'll be finished in a great hurry, but they will be done. I predict a couple of weeks.

So, thanks, hope you're interested!

1. QDLA- Marthin
2. Theman01- Raichu OC
3. Shadoritos- Russle
4. Emayai- Orion
5. Abp10- Darjeeling
6. NintendoVS- Lillie
7. Renatel
8. Infomertial- Capell
9. Infomertial- William
10. Infomertial- Samantha

EDIT: All slots taken, getting to work on the commissions. Expect to see them soon!
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I'm not a big fan of rants, so if you're not then I'd ignore this. But I'm in the mood for it.

I'm so angry. So so so angry... I feel I've met quite an injustice. I often have this strange paranoia that my teachers secretly detest me (actually this paranoia is a general thing that concerns most everyone I know, but teachers in particular) and today really did nothing to help that.

As I've mentioned, the latest project at my uni for illustration class was to make an animation. It could be on anything we wanted. I've never made a movie before but had been curious to try and so naturally I took the opportunity and ran with it. We only had three weeks, and I... may have overestimated slightly what I could realistically get done in three weeks, because although I finished it I had to rush a lot, trying to find the quickest and easiest way of getting things done as I could, but even with that I spent days where every waking minute was sat in front of my computer screen making figures move about very very slowly. I got it done, and although I'm not suggesting I'm some awsum animator, I can safely say that I put a huge amount of effort into it. Whether it's good or not aside, I think at least that there was effort can be seen.

...Turns out maybe I put a little too much effort into it. I'm not saying anything about anyone elses work, but I think I might have just... overshot it slightly on what was expected. I think it turns out when they set the brief they were intending us first time animators to produce a fifteen second little scurry of movement, not an actual movie. Fair enough! Made me feel a bit of a fool for letting my self confidence swell and putting so much work in when I didn't need to, but I have a habit of deciding to do ridiculous things whilst my stubbornness doesn't let me back down.

It was quite fun. The pieces were going to get projected onto a big wall, how exciting! Most everyone's got played a few times so they could be fully appreciated. I can just imagine my obnoxiously chuffed lil' face as I sat waiting to show my ridiculous piece. And then I showed it~ ... ... And about two thirds through, the screen went blank. No input detected. The projector had fudged up. The sound still continued, although people all started to talk to themselves so that wasn't heard, and it all fixed itself just in time to show 'End'. What a bugger I thought. And then our teach said, once this was done "... Right, who's next."


... Excuse me. Wait wait wait a second there Stevey boy. We have sat here... watching everyone elses a couple dozen times despite me getting the message clear enough first time through and then when someone comes along who's clearly WORKED and half of theirs gets cut out, you skim right over it? You're not going to even play the bloody thing again? What the HELL was I sat in my room for the past three weeks, working my tits off?! If I'd wanted everyone to see a big blank screen I would have put it there myself, it would have saved me a good amount of time I assure you!! I sat fuming in incredulous anger, I couldn't believe it. I should have said something, I know. But I really couldn't quite believe it, he didn't even offer to show it again. A good chunk of my efforts. Passed over without a thought. Some... STUPID part of me thought, maybe at the end he'll decide we should go back and look at it again, actually see what I got done, but of course not. That would be too fair.

Wanker. I get told I don't put enough effort into my schoolwork. ... Wonder why. Whenever I do this kind of naff seems to happen. ... Ughh. I try to impress my teachers, I really do, but it never comes about.

...This has gone on quite a bit hasn't it. I'll leave it there. I may be overreacting a bit. I'll likely look back on this here and see what a berk I sound, but for the moment it makes me feel a little better.

....Oooooooh I'm so angry.

EDIT: Again, I'm not bashing anyone elses work. And my buddy/class rival :iconspikedmcgrath:'s animation was really really good.

EDIT EDIT: If you happen to read this Steve you're not a wanker at all and I hope you enjoy marking my work for the year :D <3
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Summer holidays are nearly over. Bummer. And I didn't get done nearly as much as I planned, it feels like the time just  got sucked into a black hole... Judging by how much I have to show for what I've got done this summer I would think there must have been some mistake, and there's actually three months left that someone forgot about.

Not that I don't want to start illustration next year, it's going to be exciting. Meeting all completely new people, and there's a trip to New York as part of it in February where I'll finally be able to meet my dearest Krazeh XD Wow... If I believed in fate, and also had the optimistic belief that fate gave a damn about me I'd be thinking something was going on. But no, just one pretty incredible coincidence. Who'da thought.

But I just love  having the time to do whatever. And it's now that I have more projects than ever... A short western steampunk themed comic, some more portraits (nearly finished one that's been devouring my time, woohoo), mokepon pages as usual, some stupid STUPID summer project that we've just got sent through (It sounds like something you'd get on a kids art show. Fill a plastic bottle with things that represents your summer~ and then fill a sketchpad full of work about it naturally, to keep you busy) and...


A computer game, perhaps?

I have a friend who's something of a genius. He does a lot of computer programming. And out of the blue... he asked if I wanted to make a computer game with him. Quite a big one on the internet... RPG style.

Hell yes.

These things (when I'm involved) have a habit of becoming a total flop, I know, but... holy crap, isn't being able to make a computer game a silly dream of anyone who draws and writes? Never thought I'd actually get the chance to. I'll be coming up with the art and the story, he'll be doing all the brainy stuff that actually makes it work. If it happens it'll be... fantastic for me.

But why couldn't this have come about at the start of summer rather than the end DX

Naturally if anything more arises of this I shall be splashing it all over my gallery. Time will tell~
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Oh my, I never get tagged to do anything like this! As I really should be getting down working on something and my mind is desperately reaching out for something to distract myself with I shall go ahead and fill it in. Also it might be nice for me to add a bit more life to this journal.

Tagged by: :iconkrazyd:
【Artist Baton】

◆Your name?
Rebecca Pugh. Unfortunately. Online, H0ly, which is much better.

◆If possible, your age?
Nineteen. Twentyone next year that means… Oh god I feel old.

◆When did you start drawing?
When I was a child and I scribbled with crayons I imagine. But seriously? I always doodled as a kid but at the age of twleve or so decided I’d never be any good at it, gave up on it and decided to dedicate myself to WRITING. Then at about sixteen I decided to get into comics, and hey ho, back came the drawing again. What a huge amount of time I missed…

◆Which hand do you use for drawing?

◆Which is easier to draw - male or female?
Guys probably. I just have more guy characters so I guess I have more practice. For the longest time I couldn’t draw women at all but now I feel pretty okay at it.

◆Which is easier to draw - long hair or short hair?
Eh… short I guess. It’s more fun, I don’t know about easier. Then again I don’t draw really long hair often so I wouldn’t know.

◆Is it easier to draw the head facing towards the right or the left?
Oh gods, left. I CANNOT draw people facing right, unless it’s supposed to look like a picasso imitation.

◆Is it easier to draw the side view of the face or the front view?
I don’t really like either but head on view is damned near impossible… Which is why when doing head on I like to only show half the face when I can. Remember kids, if you struggle with something, cheat your way around it!

◆What do you have problems in drawing?
Oh hell. Anything. People in particular. I suck at poses and faces… Sometimes I’ll feel fine at it but when I’m in a downer and I can’t draw people, I really CAN’T draw people.

◆What do you like to draw?
People. Which is strange as I also hate drawing them. I also love lots of finnicky little details on… anything. I should do more.

◆Are you a traditional artist or a digital artist?
Both I guess… I can do traditional colours but I prefer to do it digital because its less mess, and whilst I definitely prefer to ink traditionally I like to do digital sketching because that way I can make a lot more mistakes without worry.

◆Where do you start drawing from?
Real loose sketch of where everythings gunna be… Head, spine, hands, legs. Or alternatively if it’s an unusual picture, whatever’s the most important part of it.  

◆What is your drawing habit that you are aware of?
I won’t count the making the expressions of the people I’m drawing because EVERYONE does that it seems. But I have been told and found that when I’m concentrating on something, inking particularly, I do pull a very strange face. I purse my lips together tightly and narrow my eyes. Apparently it’s my Concentration Face. And if anyone disrupts me even in the slightest while I’m doing this I will jump and scream.

◆Any tips for coloring/shading?
Other than what everyone already knows, I will say PAY ATTENTION TO REFLECTED LIGHT! The light from the background that shows up in the shadowy parts of rounded objects! Trust me, it’ll really make your pictures pop.

◆How long does it take to finish a piece of art?
A long long time. I’m too perfectionist.

◆What music do you listen to while you draw?
Anything I can sing to is good. But I mostly like to listen to comedy…

◆How long does it take you to come up with an idea?
They come in a random flash. But I sit on ideas and let them stew and develop for a very long time.

◆Your favorite drawing utensils?
Crappy crappy mechanical pencils. Thirty or so for one pound. They often break on touch but that’s okay as I buy them in bulk. I’m not into expensive equipment.

◆Your favorite color/the color that you use a lot?
Purple I guess… I tend to use purple when shading.  

◆Your favorite style(s)?
Ugghhh I like manga (to be predictable...) , and I like cartoony styles (kinda disneyish. Again unoriginal) and I like reaslistic. I should do more realistic.

◆What kind of artist are you aiming for?
I don’t wanna be no one trick pony. I want to be someone who can use a variety of styles and not only be restricted to just one. I’d like to someday be… just awesome, I guess, lol. Don’t we all.

◆Thank you.
Now please fill in the next columns by writing the names of the artists that match the criterea.
Artists tagged must fill in this baton.

But I don’t know anyone D8 I only know like people who have already done it to tag, and I don’t know enough people at all to fill in the columns…



Oh, and, uh… :iconprofessorfandango: Scott, I guess you might be one or two of them. Maybe. At a pinch. Why don’t you fill it.

Yep, that was a good amount of time spent that I should have used on working…. As chances are high no one will read this anyway… so! *claps hands together* Back to inking!
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Here's something I don't do often, a journal update. This is just a note and a constant reminder to myself as to what I am planning for over the summer, and what I need to do.

Mokepon Updates- Have to ensure that over this summer I produce AT LEAST one page a week. Don't want to dissapoint anyone and new chapter is starting soon!

Studio Bumblebee Comic- A five page short story to go in the collab organised by my dear Krazeh and it needs to be done by the 20th of June. The theme I did a comic for last time was Sushi, this time it's Zombies. Which doesn't mean my piece should be any less ridiculous than last time.

Fanarts- I don't do a lot of fanart and it more or less seems that the only way to get yourself seen these days is to draw pictures of Sephiroth, L and Naruto. I'm not intending on drawing any of those in particular but maybe I can pull something out of the bag... And drawing things which aren't just comic pages should be good practice too.

WWII comics- For a World war 2 themed comic anthology with a few fellow artists, stories to be from 5-10 pages. I've got a couple of idea's in my head for two stories; 'Tank Dogs' and 'Riding with Hitler'. I can promise that at least one of them will be ridiculous.

Portraits- Not forgetting brushing off the ol' traditional pencil skills. Something I'd like to get back into.

Commissions- MAYBE. Someday. I doubt if anyone would want anything from me (which is why prices would be extremely low. Oh and because I'm a lovely giving person), but it'd be nice to give it a shot. When I get back into my element. It'd be nice to try...

Aaaaand that is my summer. Or as much of it comes to mind at this moment. Plenty to keep my busy, and I hope to get through it all as long as I manage to not keep distracting myself with silly wastes of times... Like writing to-do lists and crap. Go H0ly go.
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